brazilian presidential elections are between a woman who fought this country’s dictators and has maintaned brazil’s stability during a WORLD CRISIS and a man who is known for being a corrupt asshole who owned a helicopter found with 400tons of FUCKING COCAINE, who built an airport in his uncle’s farm with public money and, as if that wasn’t enough, who beats his wife.


this country is fucking ridiculous.

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its so weird coming to my blog after like 6 months and looking at my old answers and realizing i was such a dumb teenager

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Anonymous asked: "are you a lesbian? nope sorry" HAHAHAHAHAAA

funny thing is i wrote that when i was fifteen

and now i’m 17 and dating a girl

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skinny, defenseless Stiles.

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Makeup at Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2014

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i literally havent been on tumblr in A YEAR and people still reblog that ratatouille photoset

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if u weren’t in the glee fandom from 2009-2012 then u can’t possibly understand… u have no idea… what it is like… what i’ve overcome… u have no fucking clue

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After 15 years in storage, the lemons had developed a delayed fuse. It took 90 minutes for this little fuckers to kick in, but once they did… POW!

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So darkness I became.

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