its so weird coming to my blog after like 6 months and looking at my old answers and realizing i was such a dumb teenager

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Anonymous asked: "are you a lesbian? nope sorry" HAHAHAHAHAAA

funny thing is i wrote that when i was fifteen

and now i’m 17 and dating a girl

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skinny, defenseless Stiles.

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Makeup at Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2014

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i literally havent been on tumblr in A YEAR and people still reblog that ratatouille photoset

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if u weren’t in the glee fandom from 2009-2012 then u can’t possibly understand… u have no idea… what it is like… what i’ve overcome… u have no fucking clue

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After 15 years in storage, the lemons had developed a delayed fuse. It took 90 minutes for this little fuckers to kick in, but once they did… POW!

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So darkness I became.

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"I like to take care of the cast. Everyone keeps calling me the Jewish mum, because I keep trying to feed everyone (…) I’m loaded like a pack horse full of treats every day, but I think they’re appreciated, you know? It’s nice to do stuff for people when everyone’s stressed out."

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